If floral and polka dot blazers aren’t your thing, there’s always the striped jacket option. Striped blazers started coming through last season, and are making an even stronger statement this year. Although it’s on trend to wear a striped blazer at the moment, it’s a timeless look to my eye. Jailbird striped tees and knitwear don’t date, and it’s the same with a striped blazer. 

I’ve fitted the first three striped blazers on bodies and can vouch for their fit, quality and comfort. I don’t know how these items will handle the laundry process but I guess that’s usually a gamble.

H&M Striped Blazer (left below): It’s knitted and fully lined. I’m really impressed with the workmanship of the welted pockets. The 1940’s shoulder pad is divine and so Katherine Hepburn. The “mock” double breasted effect is genius, looking as good left open as buttoned-up. This jacket creates a strong hourglass-y effect. It’s pretty cropped so it works well for petites too. A very cheeky jacket!

Banana Republic Barbara Striped Knit Blazer (right below): This knitted and partially lined blazer has a more relaxed vibe than the style from H&M. It’s not as structured and feels like a cardigan. No shoulder pads and not as fitted. It’s virtually sold out online in regulars and petites, but I saw plenty in stores last week. 

Loft Corded Dobby Stripe Blazer (left below): It’s fully lined, woven, and the stripe is taupe (not white). This garment is super crisp and structured despite it’s casual vibe. Great for warm weather. It looks like the Loft has stepped up their quality game. There is something about it’s 93% textured cotton content that is very appealing. The tipped edges are gorgeous, the style a no nonsense classic. It’s not as comfy as the knitted options though, so consider yourself warned.

Piperlime Bleecker Blazer (right below): I have not seen this knitted blazer in person, but the reviews are promising. It’s on back order, which means that it was popular. It’s softer charcoal grey stripe is lovely, and fully lined to boot. It’s shorter in the back than in the front, which is interesting. The puff sleeve is an acquired taste, but that design detail does compliment a narrow or sloping shoulder line. 

Here are some fast styling ideas for nautical-inspired, striped blazers: 

  • Add white or cream bottoms: Think jeans, cropped pants, trousers, clamdiggers, skirts, shorts or a white dress. Add a white top or denim shirt and you are good to go. Adding a top in a colour, either soft or bright, will also work well because of the grounding effect of the white bottoms
  • Add coloured bottoms: Bright jeans are a great option, as are bright trousers and even pastel trousers and denim. Of course, coloured skirts and shorts are great alternatives. Wearing a white or off-white top under the blazer pulls the outfit together. 
  • Add blue jeans, denim shorts or a denim skirt: This is the most straight forward option, matching it with just about any solid coloured top as an under layer. 
  • Add a patterned topStripes are one of the easiest patterns to mix with other patterns, so be a devil and layer a patterned blouse or knitted top under the stripes. Keep the bottoms a solid colour. 
  • Pop it over a dress: The shorter blazer lengths work particularly well over solid sheath dresses, or fit and flare frocks. 

Over to you. Are you inspired to wear a striped blazer? If so, which style from the above selection appeals to you the most?