I haven’t seen an era in fashion where fingernail polish has been as popular as it is right now. In fact, it’s become fingernail art. The possibilities are endless in terms of colours, patterns, sparkly top coats and intricate designs. Nail polish is big business these days. There are websites devoted entirely to fingernail adornment, like the LacqueredLover blog by Carly (who we happened to meet backstage at Tadashi Shoji during fashion week).

You are on Team Fingernail Polish if you prefer to wear coloured fingernail polish, even if it’s just for special occasions. You are on Team No Polish if you prefer to go au natural. If you regularly wear a French Manicure, you bat for Team Fingernail Polish because the effect is still quite pronounced despite the lack of colour. If you occasionally wear clear nail polish, you’ll bat for Team No Polish because the effect is very subtle. Note that this poll does NOT include toenail polish. 

I often see ladies with vibrant or dark fingernail polish and it really completes their look. The blogosphere is full of gals with interesting nail polish combinations, as the bloggers frequently zone in on their fingernails as outfit features. Fingernail polish can absolutely function as an effective and interesting accessory. 

Well. The last time I wore real nail polish was on my wedding day, fifteen years ago. It was a soft pearly white to match my ivory dress. I’ve had the odd manicure over the years and requested a no-nail-polish finish. Some found this a really odd request and insisted I leave with clear nail polish after the manicure. Nail polish has never been part of my style. I sport short nails and well moisturized, sun protected hands. That is my fingernail style and I don’t see that changing, possibly ever. As a result I am not at all inspired to experiment with nail polish colour and art. I bat for Team No Polish.

Over to you. Do you bat for Team Fingernail Polish or Team No Polish. Remember that there is no right and wrong answer here. You are merely stating your stylistic preference, and no batting for both teams.