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You’ll dazzle your lunch date with your spirit, eyes, smile and heart no matter what. But how about a bit of extra shine for daytime? Levi’s® asked me to build two outfits around jeans from their new Curve ID line, and today I’m going to do one that brings some sparkle to a lunchtime ensemble.

Some people struggle to get their head around the concept of “daytime sparkle” because sparkly things scream formal and evening wear. Well, that’s true. But fashion concepts do evolve and the concept of daytime sparkle has been trending for quite a while. If you like shiny things like I do, then it’s fun to add a little sparkle when meeting someone for lunch. The concept may even work in some professional settings. 

The key to keeping the vibe “daytime appropriate” is twofold:

  1. Keep the sparkle subtle and in a colour other than a bright or black. Bright and black sparkle scream evening wear even more loudly than sparkle itself. 
  2. Dress down the sparkle.

Pairing faded jeans with a sparkly topper is an easy way to interpret the trend. Wearing a distressed item with dressy shine is also an interesting outfit juxtaposition. Here are the components of the formula:

Faded jeans + subtle sparkly topper + dressy footwear and bag

Start with Faded Jeans

Choose any style of faded jeans, from wide leg to skinnies. I’ve chosen the Modern Supreme Curve Skinny Boot Cut Jeans because it’s a versatile basic that looks great with heels. I haven’t seen the fit of these jeans in person, but the customer reviews are promising.

Add a Sparkly Topper 

A metallic cardigan is a comfortable option, and just that much dressier than a regular cardigan. Layer it over a simple neutral like this off-white sleeveless blouse.

If you prefer the structure of a jacket, a Spring tweed with lurex thread provides the right amount of subtle sparkle for a daytime ensemble. I’ve chosen a collarless cropped style, but any jacket silhouette in a lurex-tweed will work. Add a basic neutral under layer like a good quality tee to further dress down the sparkle. 

Layering a sequin-rich tank over an untucked basic white button down shirt is a third option. The untucked button down, especially if you scrunch the sleeves, will further dress down the sparkle of the tank.

Finish off with Dressy Footwear and Bag

Neutral clothing allows you to go in any colour direction with the footwear and handbag. I’ve chosen both bright and neutral options depending on your mood. A delicate pastel like blush pink is a soft and romantic variation, and works particularly well with the grey and white topper options.

Heels, either ankle booties or pumps, are ideal with bootcuts. Dressy flats are wonderful paired with a tapered leg silhouette. Colour blocked footwear and handbags look fresh for the season.

Do It Yourself

As with all dressing formulas, I sew the seed of the idea. The next step is to substitute the items so that the silhouettes are more to your taste and in line with your style persona. Add necklaces, arm candy, belts, scarves brooches and earrings as desired. For example, I’d stick to my specs, wrist watch and wedding ring and leave it at that, just as I did when I matched my faded jeans with sparkly toppers, neutral bag and neutral footwear.