Did you know that you should examine pearls on a white background to judge their colour, or that a “matinee” strand is often between 20″ and 24″ long? In the updated fifth edition of the Pearl Buying Guide gemologist Renée Newman combines many fun facts with practical information and guidelines for what to consider when investing in new or vintage pearls.  

Lizzie Garrett Mettler has been exploring tomboy style on her popular blog for almost two years now. Her motto is that “a tomboy is identified by clothing, but what makes her wholly so is an inherent sense of confidence, rebelliousness, and adventure”. Her first book, Tomboy Style, is a visual history of eighty years of tomboy style and its many famous and lesser-known icons.

Seeing this week’s books right next to each other got me thinking about tomboy style jewellery. Do you associate this fashion persona with a certain type of jewellery? I never have, really. It’s true that leather cuffs and colourful rope bracelets pop up often on tomboy inspiration boards. But you see just as many dainty gold chains, oversized watches, stacks of silver bangles, statement rings, piles of pearls and everything in between. I’ve always felt that each piece of jewellery can be used to create very different moods and vibes, it’s all in the execution and what feels right to you.

Do you think that tomboy style implies having a trademark type of jewellery?

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