Wearing a column of colour, which means wearing the same or a similar colour both on the top and bottom, accentuates the mighty unbroken vertical line. The denim on denim trend is a great look in my book and that’s precisely how the column of colour is created in this ensemble. 

Here are the components of the outfit, and you’ll probably already have some of the items. So shop your closets and start experimenting. 

Jeans and Denim Shirt 

Choose any style of jeans. I’ve chosen a tapered leg because they work with all heel heights and most styles of footwear. Choose any style of denim shirt. Chambray, which is thinner than denim but has a similar textural effect, will also work. Wear it untucked to create the unbroken line. The washes of jeans and shirt do not need to be exactly the same, but keeping them fairly similar is the point of the column of colour.

Bright Blazer

Choose a blazer in a bright colour and wear it over the denim shirt. The contrasting effect of the blazer breaks up the textural continuity of the column of denim. You don’t need to choose a blazer style if that’s not your thing. Cropped jackets, short trench coats and moto jackets can work just as well. You also don’t need to choose a bright colour. I chose brights because they are trending and feel especially fresh for Spring. 

Patterned Shoes 

Solid shoes will look great, but patterns pack more punch. Choose heels or flats, pumps, booties or ankle boots. I’ve chosen a low heeled retro Mary Jane, a rugged punk flat boot, and bombshell high heeled pumps. All three styles can be mixed and matched with any of the pictured blazers, creating very different moods.

Neutral Handbag 

I like the idea of a neutral handbag with this combination because it compliments as well as tones down the colour. I’ve chosen a modern classic shoulder tote, a trendy silver satchel and retro satchel. As with the shoes, each of the handbags can be mixed and matched with the blazers to create a different mood. 

I’d stick to wearing my watch, wedding ring and specs as accessories, but you can wear the accessories of your choice. That’s always the point of these outfit formulas. I sew the seed of an idea, you take the next step by making the concept reflect YOUR style.

I wore an Autumn version of this outfit formula while attending Fashion Week in 2010, which was with black blazer, cream footwear and bright handbag. I’m going to swap things out this Spring and add in more colour.

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