Orange is the colour of the season in all it’s shades and hues, so at the moment it’s particularly on trend. Red on the other hand is what I call a classic colour. From the deepest crimson and burgundy to the brightest tomato red, you’ll always find some form of red in retail stores. 

Remember that we are talking ALL shades of orange and red, and not just their bright colourwheel incarnations. You don’t need to actually wear a colour more frequently to prefer it, and wearing it in accessories and footwear also counts. 

I adore a dark, saturated orange like the one on my argyle jumper, and I LOVE a blindingly bright tomato red. In fact, my favourite red has a lot of orange in it (no blue undertones whatsoever). But I still prefer a bright tomato red over any shade of orange so I’m going against my national heritage (orange being the national colour of the Netherlands), and batting for Team Red.

Over to you. Are you on Team Orange or Team Red? Tell us why and no batting for both teams.