My feet were still sore from yesterday’s unexpected shoe challenge with my much loved red Kate Spade pumps, so the only shoes that I could comfortably manage were my low heeled, nude Fidji mary janes. Thank goodness I brought them along.

It rained most of the day and was a little nippy too, so I opted for a smart casual outfit. This also worked best with the Fidjis. After a necessary colour fix for Day 3, I opted for a neutral outfit of black, cream and denim with a bright handbag. I matched straight leg jeans with a denim shirt, a sharp shouldered black boyfriend blazer, delicate layers of vintage pearls and Ms. Valentino. I also chose my more strict looking specs. I quite like a strict, no-nonsense look from time to time.

The denim on denim trend is quite the acquired taste, but one I do fancy and enjoy wearing. Greg loved this outfit too. I’m beginning to think that he prefers me in neutrals! He said I looked like an experienced fashion executive who didn’t need to prove anything. I understood what he meant 100% because the flavour of this practical outfit reminds of what I would wear as a fashion buyer in more casual situations. My better half’s commentary on my daily fashion week outfits are becoming the best part of the day!