From the word go the clothing on the catwalk had everyone’s undivided attention. So daring, colourful, and totally over the top! A collection aimed at the young, creative and arty fashionista who wants to stand out in a crowd.

The ensembles were deliciously vibrant and even psychedelic at times. A strong flavour of 70’s fashion ran throughout the collection and I was surprised by how much I loved it. I’m not usually enamored with the modern earthy interpretation of 70’s hippie styling, but pop those same silhouettes into rich fabrics and bright happy colours and it completely changes the mood.

Custo Barcelona represented every colour in his collection: neon pink, purple, fuchsia, turquoise, citron, bright orange, all sorts of blues and greens and hints of pastel shades too. You name the colour and I’m sure we saw it. There was an extreme mix of patterns too. Bold stripes were worn with tie dye, brocade, ditsy florals and patchwork. Throw in lace, feather trims, beading, piping and bows and you’ve got a lot of energy in one outfit.

Silhouettes were both form fitting and voluminous. In true 70’s style there were bell bottoms, empire cuts, maxi dresses, hoods, halter necks and tunics. But true to what we’re seeing in the 00’s there were loads of raised hemlines, short-shorts, cropped tailored jackets, leggings and harem pants.

Even though each outfit was a million things going on at once, it somehow worked. I’m a less-is-more kind of a style gal, but found each outfit flattering and festive. The matching shoes and handbags were equally divine, as were the sunglasses and hairstyles of the models.

The ensembles were a little out there, but this range was really fun to watch from start to finish. And if you were to match one of his collection items with a pair of jeans and great shoes, it would probably become a lot more wearable in real life.