I mentioned that soft dressing would be making a comeback after seeing the Spring 2012 shows at Fashion Week. We also saw printed pants fringe trending last year. I even made printed pants a fun must have item for this years warm weather shopping list. 

Well ladies, printed pants have hit stores in all sorts of silhouettes. In particular, there’s the soft wide leg printed trouser as seen in the photos here. Flowing, silky, bold and voluminous. They are being matched with untucked soft woven tops or drapey knitwear (often quite voluminous too), and platform sandals. The look reminds me of the early ’90s when pallazzo pants in ditsy florals and polka dots were huge. Back then, they were often matched with soft boxy mandarin collared blouses or stiff linen gilets (sleeveless jackets). 

This look has a relaxed and feminine appeal that is NOT form fitting. For that reason alone it’s a breath of fresh air because so much stuff these days is form fitting both on the top and bottom. It’s also an ideal breezy combination for scorching hot weather. You could add a belt to create waist definition if that’s more to your taste. 

As much as I appreciate this trend, it is not for me. I’m just not a wide leg pants gal. I never wore pallazzo pants and doubt I ever will. I am all for the soft dressing and printed pants part of the look. I also really like the baggy effect on the hip and thigh area. But the hems of the trousers have to taper at the ankle in order for me to wear them. That way there is less volume on the bottom and I won’t feel like I’m drowning in my pants. There won’t be fabric flapping around at my ankles either. So I am a yay vote for others, and a nay vote for myself. 

What’s your verdict? Would you wear soft wide leg printed pants? Do these pants look too much like pajamas? How do you feel about wearing soft volume on the top and bottom? Like a sack of potatoes, or can it work?

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