Mochi thinks that Kate Middleton’s style as the Duchess of Cambridge is nothing short of stunning. Flick through her style evolution and also check out when Kate wasn’t quite as perfectly poised and polished. Mochi also wonders how much of what Kate wears is actually dictated to her now that she is royalty. 

MaryK enjoyed Simon Doonan’s article “What I Learned About the Icon by Folding Her Capri Pants”. Doonan shares what he uncovers about Marilyn Monroe when he spent months unpacking and cataloging the icon’s possessions. For one, Marilyn was nowhere near a US size 12. She was more the size of Kate Moss with a full bust. 

Rae was swooning over the deadly pretty jewelry line from Harem Royal, but was disappointed to find that real insect parts and fur are used in the collection. Still, the all-metal pieces and the ones made with feathers, quills and hair are pretty cool.

Mrseccentric would like to introduce you to lingerie and underwear expert Tomima Edmark who has a great blog called (un)covering what’s under everything.

Laurinda informs us that Swedish H&M is planning to do a goth-punk-grunge collection that was inspired by the Swedish movie “Girl With The Dragon Tattoo”

Annagybe loved these pre-Fall 2012 looks from Alexander Wang via the Manrepeller

AJ read in the New York Times that fashion bloggers are hiring agents to represent them and rising to celebrity status. Very interesting. 

Inge loved this interview with the fabulous 91 year old, Iris Apfel, who amongst other projects just launched a makeup collection for MAC cosmetics. Iris is unstoppable. 

Aida wished that her hairdryer had a “cool” setting much like this one

Attention all Shoe Geeks! Refugee highly recommends this series of podcasts from the Bata Shoe Museum that will cover the inside scoop on one fantastic shoe, or a shoe related topic, each month. 

MNSara loves to arrange real flowers, and could hardly wait to try out the wonderful DIY Bouquet on Cupcakes and Cashmere

Carole is enjoying omiru‘s Winter outfit builders, which have been created by mixing and matching a 16-piece Wardrobe Capsule.