I like to think that all of us are on a perpetual style journey. This journey has multiple legs, and on each leg, our style undergoes either a significant or subtle change depending on a number of variables. Sometimes we have to adapt our style to a different environment. Sometimes we have to adapt our style to a changing body type or budget. And sometimes we’re just in the mood for a change because we’re bored of our current look. I’m sure this sounds familiar.  

As I mentioned yesterday, the current leg of my style journey started last March when I decided that I wanted to keep my outfits clean, simple, modern and bold. This direction still feels spot on, so I’ll will continue down it’s merry path. 

I’m still on a major trouser, fancy flats, gold and midi kick. I’m also interested in exploring jewelry-free outfits and classic style. Of course, I’m still all over fashion trends and will absolutely sport the ones that tickle my fancy. So many trends are just entirely too fun to bypass completely, especially when you work in the fashion industry. But now more than ever before, I’m appreciating the power of classic wardrobe items. Their strength does shine through.  

Over to you. Where are you on your style journey?