The theme for January is renewal and I plan to write a few posts about the early stages of this process, based on my experience with my clients and with members of the YLF forum

A style renewal starts with introspection. After all, without an understanding of your lifestyle and your style goals, you might start your renewal process on the wrong foot. But as obvious and sensible as this seems, it can lead to problems. Sometimes too much introspection and too little action leads to a sort of analysis paralysis.

When you are in this situation, there is one good way to deal with it. Take action! And there are three specific actions I recommend:

  1. Get a professional bra fitting: The right bra makes your clothes fit and look better by a billion percent. Lifting the bust line accentuates the waist and creates an attractive silhouette. So whether you are small or large in the bust, it’s extremely important to wear a supportive and comfortable bra in the correct size. Many women wear the wrong bra size, often going too large in the band and too small in the cup. Seek professional assistance and invest in at least two new bras.
  2. Assess your hairstyle: Your hair is your crown. It makes or breaks your look, and I can’t stress this point enough. A fabulous new do is sometimes all you need to refresh your style. Sometimes you’re after a drastic change in style and colour. Sometimes you need a minor hairstyle adjustment. Sometimes it’s about growing out your hair, which means cutting and styling it in a manner that will allow it to grow out in the best way. 
  3. Assess your eyewear: Specs are your most important accessory if you wear them on a regular basis. No matter how fab your clothes, footwear and hair, wearing dated or unflattering glasses will ruin the look. Here are my thoughts on how to select stylish eyewear if a new pair of specs is on your shopping list. 

Sometimes tackling one of these will be enough to give you some forward momentum and get you out of your introspective rut. And if you manage to get all three sorted out, you’ll be in a great position to think more deeply about what style direction suits your lifestyle, budget, body type, age and fashion persona. 

As far as possible, make sure that these three areas are covered before you move on to clothing, footwear and accessories. Your style journey will be easier with the right bra, and your hairstyle and eyewear in place.