It’s not essential to wear sparkle to a holiday party, but if you have the magpie gene like I do, you might like to take advantage of the occasion. 

Here are twelve ways to add sparkle to both casual and dressy holiday outfits. Some of the sparkly ideas are bold, whereas others are more subtle. Take your pick and marry the item with YOUR style.

  1. Sparkly Top: The easiest and most predictable of the lot, but fabulous nonetheless. Think lurex sweaters, beaded tops, and blouses with bling. Match them up with jeans, leather, or dressier non-denim bottoms.
  2. Shiny Dress: A bold option. Wearing shine both on the top and bottom requires a commitment to sparkle. If a sequin dress tickles your fancy, go for it. But sequins are not your only sparkly option here. These days, fabric technology is sublime and fabrics can have shine in less flashy ways. 
  3. Shiny skirt: Skirts with sequins and beading are festive for sure. Skirts with lurex are less sparkly, but achieve a super sheen. Think both flared and pencil skirts. 
  4. Shiny Jacket: Another bold option. Sequins are a popular choice, but shiny jackets come in all sorts of fabrications. Lurex thread makes just about any fabric sparkle, from wool and tweed to denim and polyester. 
  5. Flashy Trousers: I really like this vibe. If I hadn’t already bought a metallic midi dress, I’d be wearing flashy trousers to holiday parties this year. I find the look glam, fun and different.
  6. Shiny belt: Adding a glittery skinny belt to an outfit is a great way to add a small dose of sparkle. 
  7. Sparkly Shoes: You can go to town with this one. Sparkly shoes are everywhere, adorned with diamonds and glitter, or bedazzled with jewels and embellishments. For a less sparkly option, choose metallic or patent leather. 
  8. Dazzling Clutch: Carrying a shiny package of sparkle via a wristlet, clutch or dainty shoulder strap finishes off the outfit. This is my favourite type of bling.  
  9. Glittery hose: A few years back, I wore extremely sparkly silver hose with a black sheath dress, red patent pumps, and a sequined vintage shawl to a fancy holiday party. Without a doubt, the hose made the outfit.  
  10. Fascinator: This type of headwear comes in many shapes and forms. They can be elaborate head pieces made of feathers, netting, tulle, beads and jewels. Or they can be simple headbands with sparkly and feathery attachments. Either way, they are dramatic, retro and festive.
  11. Shiny wrap: These aren’t easy to find, especially with faux fur shawls and jackets being all the rage right now. But they make a lovely addition to a simple knit top or sheath dress when worn like a scarf instead of a wrap. 
  12. Jewelry Bling: The simplest of outfits are transformed with sparkly jewelry. Think necklaces, bracelets, brooches, cuffs, earrings and cocktail rings. If you like a maximal look, pile on the bling. Stick to one statement piece if you prefer a minimal look. 

You can incorporate one or some of these sparkly items into an outfit. Furthermore, make-up and nail polish also adds a sparkly effect to your look. 

I’m wearing a simple dark grey lurex midi dress with slash neck and long sleeves to this year’s holiday parties. There’s plenty of sparkle in the dress so I’m leaving off all accessories other than a wristwatch and clutch. What are you wearing to holiday parties this year? Do you like to wear a sparkly something, or do you prefer to leave off the shine.