You are on Team Pristine if you prefer wardrobe items to look new, crisp, pressed and polished. You are on Team Distressed if you are more drawn to items that look weathered. You either purchase them new in a deliberately distressed state, or you prefer your own wardrobe items after they’ve “roughened up”.

I like both looks. More specifically, I like to mix distressed items with pristine items. I have brand new deliberately distressed Donald Pliner boots that I like to wear with a perfectly pristine blazer and blouse or turtle neck. I also like to match my beaten up 20 eyelet black Dr. Marten boots with an immaculate Anne Fontaine shirt. My Fryes look better with age and so does my ’70s leather jacket. But I bat for Team Polished and Team Dressy so I also love wardrobe items to look crisp and unworn. 

I’m going with Team Pristine because I generally prefer unworn, crisp, pressed and new wardrobe items. And I also like shiny things. And while I wear distressed clothing and footwear, they only feel right when matched with pristine items. 

Over to you. Are you on Team Pristine or Team Distressed? Tell us why and no batting for both Teams.