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When Nordstrom asked me to build an outfit using footwear from their Designer Ugg Collection, words like cozy, casual, comfortable and textured immediately came to mind. Autumn and Winter dressing allows us to layer several interesting textures in one outfit, which creates an attractive effect. 

The outfit is on the dressier side of casual and incorporates classic, retro and modern elements — a great mix of vibes in my book. There are five textures at play. Six if you include the suede bootie instead of the leather ankle boots. Faux fur, wool, denim, silk, leather and suede can live in ensemble harmony.

First, you’ll need a great pair of casual bottoms like Gaps’ real straight jeans. Bootcut jeans and knitted Ponte pants will also work. For a more maximal look, you could even throw in a pair of glen plaid trousers. 

I like oversized sweaters and they are huge this season. Max Studio’s Oversized Pullover Sweater, while roomy in the body, tapers back at the hem thereby adding structure to the silhouette. If you like to surrender your waistline, wear the sweater as it is. For a more tailored look, add a waist defining belt. 

The scarf is optional, but is a great way to inject textural interest and colour into the ensemble. I chose an Emilio Pucci Printed silk and wool-blend scarf because it’s chic and classic — a nice juxtaposition against the trendier elements of the outfit. But the scarf world is your oyster, so choose a colour, pattern and texture that’s YOU.

Boots ground the outfit, and your choices are abundant. For gals on the go who prefer flatter footwear, UGG’s ‘Austin’ Ankle Boot is comfortable, cozy and robust. It slips on and off with ease and the ombre effect is divine. I love light coloured footwear so I chose taupe to pick up the colour of the outerwear, but it’s also available in black. 

If you prefer to wear heels, try the UGG’s ‘Brienne’ Boot. Personally, I found them a little heavy, but also comfortable and very soft (my feet loved that part). The blue suede has my heart, but click through all the colour options. Remember to use weatherproofing spray if you’re worried about how they will hold up in wet weather. 

It’s not everyone’s cup of tea, but plush faux fur is both retro and on-trend. Oversized outerwear that’s big on top, but tapers back in at the waist or hem is also trending (an ideal coverup for dolman sleeved tops). Vince Camuto’s Faux Fur Jacket is well cut and super cozy. It has voluminous sleeves, but their shorter length prevents that “drowning” feeling. The mushroom coloured fur dances in the light. 

Last but not least, distressed leather adds even more texture to the outfit. Bags like Hobo International’s “Shelby” satchel have an appealing vintage look about them. I threw in brown because I like the way it creates a contrast with the light outwear. 

This outfit shows high contrasting colours on top of the rich textures. I bat for Team High Colour Contrast, so personally, it’s right up my style alley. But if that’s not your thing, you can create an equally compelling outfit with lower colour contrasts.

This post is sponsored by Nordstrom.