Oversized sweaters are huge this season. I’m not just talking about dolman sleeved knitwear that’s oversized on top but narrows at the hips. I mean large everywhere. You could spread your wings and fly away wearing this type of knitwear. 

The volume of oversized sweaters varies. Some are “poncho-like” and really roomy in the bulk of the sleeve, under the arms, and in the body. Others are roomy in the body and more tapered through the sleeve. 

I prefer these styles in fine gauge knits and on the shorter side. That way they drape against the body in a more flattering way, and reveal the structure that is created by wearing slim fitting skirts, jeans and trousers. They look best when worn on their own, but if you need another layer, try a cape or dolman sleeved coat. 

Some of my clients adore oversized sweaters because they are “new” and very comfortable. Others find them unflattering because they are shapeless and overwhelming. I totally get why some of my clients feel awful in this style. They tend to add bulk, especially when the necklines are high and chunky. 

I don’t yet have any oversized knitwear, but I do like the vibe. To my eye, “swingy” silhouettes can look fun and feel liberating when they drape in the right way. I’m also happy to surrender my waistline from time to time. So I’m a yay vote. Do you like the look? If you don’t like the look for yourself, do you like it on others? Or is the style simply beyond redemption.

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