While in Vegas last week we stayed at the Bellaggio, which was every bit as glorious as I had expected. The spectacular fountain in front of the hotel and the Chihuly stained glass in the lobby do not disappoint, but the large Chinese Shishi lions at the entrance had my heart. I absolutely loved them! They guard the hotel entrance, keeping the Bellhops company as they assist guests with luggage and transportation. The Bellhops were pretty cute too. 

This was what I wore on our third and last day, and straight onto the plane back home. I matched a pair of repurposed clamdiggers with a drapey black sleeveless crossover halter top and my favourite ballet flats of all time. It’s a classic and fairly dressy outfit with casual and fashionable elements.

I adore wearing dark blue with black, so I layered over with a lightweight ink blue nautical-cross-equestrian blazer with built-in scrunched sleeves to keep warm in arctic air-conditioning. I really like the double breasted styling of this jacket. It only buttons across the bust area and the rest of the buttons are decorative, creating both an interesting silhouette and some curve on the top part of my body. I like to wear the jacket both open and closed, which keeps things interesting. I wore the same jacket with white bottoms and a red top the day before. 

I only brought my turquoise bag and an evening clutch on this trip, so it was back to my turquoise tote. This outfit looks cleaner, crisper, stronger and more modern without the gold medallion, and I actually preferred it that way. But for nostalgic reasons, I left on my late Mum’s necklace and that was that. Sometimes it feels more right to follow your style heart, and not your style head.