When ballet flats first started to resurface in a big way about eight years ago, I was instantly taken with the look and comfort of the style. I had worn them a lot in the ’80s and was only too pleased to see them return back to mainstream fashion. I realized a good while later that I was in the minority liking this style of shoe. Most of my clients find them uncomfortable, preferring flat sandals, clogs, mary janes and loafers, or heeled footwear. So it won’t surprise me if there are lots of nay-sayers with the “newer” pointy toed style. 

If you don’t like to wear heels, but want to create a longer leg line with footwear, pointy toed flats are the way to go. The elongating effect is super effective with a low contrasting colour of footwear. 

I see pointy toed flats working especially well with tapered trousers and skinnies, leggings, and both pencil and flared midi skirts or dresses. I think of Audrey Hepburn and the ’80s when I see pointy toed flats. And most importantly, my feet are happy striding in this style.  Three glorious reasons to I vote yay on this dainty style of footwear. What’s your verdict?

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