We spent a few fun days in Las Vegas last week and it was an eye opener. It is the city of excess in every sense of the word. Everything about it is extravagant and over the top — from the food and entertainment options, to the shopping experience, the hotels, and what people wear. You literally see IT ALL in Vegas. 

It was as hot and dry as it gets during the day, the hottest moments reaching 107 degrees Fahrenheit (42 degrees Celsius). During the day, lots of women wore casual shorts shorts, strapless tops and strapless dresses with flip flops. I wore clamdiggers with sleeveless top and ballet flats. Although it was sweltering outside, we spent most of the time in cold air-conditioning. So I was always with jacket and often a camisole. At night I changed into jeans or a dress, again always with an extra layer. 

There are many tight, short skirts and dresses in Vegas. At night especially, lasses glitzed things up by showing more skin, and by wearing sparkle with sky scraping heels. Hello Bombshell City! The one outfit was more eye-catching than the next. Vegas is a people-watching extravaganza.

I do not have a bombshell fashion persona, so by Vegas standards, my evening outfits were demure, prim and proper. On one of the nights I wore a knee length, water colour sheath dress that I have had for years (a favourite piece), with cropped denim jacket, old silver slingbacks, pearls and taupe clutch. Not very glitzy and eye-catching but true to my style nonetheless. These photos were taken after supper on Fremont Street in downtown Las Vegas. I forgot to reapply my lipstick so it was Burts lip balm for the rest of the evening.