Last week’s post on lace tops raised some concerns about wearing lace to work because of it’s “boudoir” integrity. I understand the association and the movie “Moulin Rouge” springs to mind. However, I vote yay for lace at work and here’s why. 

It’s all in HOW the lace is worn and not in the lace itself. To my eye, a self colour lace edged camisole peeking out from the top of a shirt, sweater or blouse is totally acceptable in a professional environment. I absolutely encourage my clients to wear lace to work in this way if they like the idea. Personally, I’d much rather see a hint of lace than cleavage. The lace edged hem of a camisole peeking out from under a top is also just fine. But wearing a lace camisole as a top under an open jacket is quite different. Coverage is required in order for the lace edged camisole to be work appropriate. 

Some lace tops look more alluring and boudoir than others, and that’s key. Choose the more modest versions for work! Go for something neutral, fairly covered, and not overly form-fitting. For example, a structured non-see-through lace shell top worn as a layering piece under a cardigan or jacket is a great look for the office. I also find a non-see through lace top worn on it’s own with a skirt or trousers acceptable.

You can push the lace wearing boundary a little more if you work in a creative and less conservative work environment. For example, modestly cut formal lace skirts, jackets and dresses could totally be dressed down for the office if you worked in the fashion industry. Also, see through lace tops that expose arm and neck skin can also work here, whereas they might be too risque for a more conservative office environment. 

With modest discretion, I vote yay to lace tops at work. What’s your verdict?