I don’t think I’ve ever purchased a paisley item for my own wardrobe. I can’t even remember having a paisley item of clothing in the ’80s when paisley was EVERYWHERE. And that’s not because I don’t like paisley. I do, but I think that when I’m faced with paisley and something else, I purchase the other option. Geometric patterns, polka dots and abstract florals always seem to win. 

Paisley is more commonly found on men’s ties, boxer shorts, socks, pajamas, robes and shirts. But the pattern is re-appearing on more and more ladies blouses, skirts, dresses and scarves. I do think of paisley as a stereotypically masculine print just because it’s so readily available in the mens department. That being said, it can work just as well in ladies clothing, especially in soft and drapey fabrications.

Perhaps one day I will bite the bullet and choose paisley over another pattern. What are your thoughts? Does paisley have a masculine association for you too?