A journalist and a photographer from the Seattle Times visited us for an in-home interview because YLF will be mentioned in one of their upcoming features. Part of the article will include photographs of me in fall outfits so we also did a photo shoot on the nearby Madrona high street. Both Janet and photographer Ellen were so, so nice and awfully patient. We had a ball.

Sunny warm weather has finally reached Seattle and I didn’t need to cover up to the extent that I normally do (I bat for Team Cold). I wanted to wear something simple, strong and chic that reflected the heart of my style. That way I would feel comfortable and confident answering interview questions, while at the same time expressing my fashion persona. I chose to wear some golden oldies that are still wardrobe favourites.

Since it was an in-home interview, smart casual was the way to go. I would have felt awkward in anything more formal. Not too casual though, because I am not a casual dresser. I chose zippered skinny jeans and paired them with my very best button down shirt of all time. It’s a cream Anne Fontaine that I bought in Paris about three years ago. I LOVE THIS SHIRT. Everything about it makes me feel fabulous, from the fabric and fit, to the colour and the cut of the sleeves.

I had my hair cut recently and it’s the shortest cut ever. With hair so short, I wanted to add more girly details to the outfit than I normally do. Layered pearls, gold watch, dramatic black specs and five year old lazer cut cream wedge sling backs did the trick.

You will have to imagine the outfit with dark skinny jeans because I’m wearing clamdiggers in the photos. It had warmed up by the time we took them later that day, and this is what I wore as we walked to dinner at a neighbourhood restaurant. I can’t tell you how nice it was to finally bare my lilly white legs in toasty weather.