This is a poll about whether your body temperature runs hot or cold, which actually affects your style choices.

You are on Team Hot when your internal thermostat runs warm. You like to wear fewer layers because you don’t really feel the cold. You can wear sandals and lightweight tops when it’s still fairly chilly outside. You seldom complain that you feel cold, but are more likely to complain that you are hot.

You are on Team Cold when your internal thermostat runs cold. You cover up quite a bit because you are sensitive to feeling cold. You handle warmer temperatures pretty well. And it has to be really hot for you to wear sandals and sleeveless items, otherwise you are happy to layer multiple pieces in order to keep warm.

I am on Team Cold. I am constantly covering up because I feel cold, and I absolutely cannot handle freezing cold air-conditioning. I’m the gal who can wear jeans and leggings in 80 degree weather. I can wear ballet flats and pumps when it’s in the 90’s. When others comfortably wear sleeveless dresses, I’m the one covering up with a denim jacket. I’m always finding “the warm spot” wherever I am.

Over to you. Are you on Team Hot or Team Cold? Tell us why, and no batting for both Teams. You might find that you run neither hot or cold, in which case you bat for Team Temperate.