Today we’re kicking off a regular Thursday afternoon feature. Each week I’m going to ask our forum members to share their recent finds on the web relating to fashion and style, and then I will collect them in a post like this one.

To kick things off, I’d like to congratulate Imogen from Inside Out Style with the launch of her new ebook called “The Finishing Touch”. It teaches us how to successfully accessorize an outfit through great visuals and easy to understand tips. Very well done, Imogen!

This sassy petite blogger made an impression on MaryK because she is super chic and wears lots of colour.

MNSara and Alaskagirl loved Sal’s great and controversial post on body hair issues.

Jonsey thoroughly enjoyed this fabulous parade of Mens Fashion at the Milan Spring Shows.

Deadfleurette‘s minimal and anti-consumer approach to fashion was en eye opener for Kate.

Wimbledon fever has gripped the UK, says RoseandJoan. She enjoyed this retrospective of past fashions from the tournament.

Inge enjoyed this photographer’s telling of her Mum’s life story through carefully selected items from her stylish wardrobe.

Michelle was most impressed by this video on hair styling conundrums.

Modgrl, enjoyed these images of flattering cuts, pretty prints and retro styling.

Annagybe says that Donatella Versace is eating her words after insisting that she would not do a diffusion line for H&M.

Refinery29 proves plus size fashion rules wrong. Desmo April and I both love that.

Here’s another fabulous petite blogger who has an especially good resources section, says Suz.

Patty enjoyed this classic beauty face off between Marilyn Monroe and Audrey Hepburn.

For Sarah, this balance of soft and sweet, and bold and edgy was sheer eye candy.

Sparky found out that bell bottoms were inspired by Navy uniforms and that many aspects of Chanel were inspired by military dress. Who knew!

Taylor adores Karla’s Closet because Karla always looks sensational. But there was a special shout out here because this dress reminded her of me. I’m flattered!

I hope you enjoyed this wonderful roundup as much as I did. If you see something interesting on the web be sure to let me know when we collect next week’s links on the forum.