We first saw jeans in colours other than blue, white and black in the 80’s. They disappeared for a long time, but slowly started resurfacing in the midst of the 80’s fashion revival a couple of years ago. Although still a fairly fringe trend, it’s gaining popularity. Silhouettes are predominantly skinny and straight legged with very few bootcut styles. Colours range from pale pastels to the brightest of brights.

At first, I really wanted a pair of red bootcut jeans, and NOT skinnies. But I changed my mind when I ran into the perfect pair of coral skinnies on sale, which you’ve seen me wear here and here. We don’t have hot Summers so wearing jeans in fun colours makes for a covered, yet Summery solution. I will be very tempted if I bump into a perfect citron pair.

Some people believe that coloured denim is juvenile and not age appropriate, and I do see their point when it’s worn in a teeny bopper way. But when matched with sophisticated pieces, and just the right amount of tailoring, I don’t find coloured denim “too young” at all. As with all items, it’s HOW you wear them that makes the difference.

Clearly, I vote yay. What’s your verdict and why?

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