Talking to Michael about Karen Kane’s upcoming online store last Friday got me thinking about what I look for in an online shopping destination. Although my online shopping is quite limited compared with some people I know (I bat for Team Store), I do have some strong opinions on the topic. Here are my favourites and I’d love to hear about yours in the comments below. is hands down my favourite online shopping destination. The assortment of both their footwear and clothing is right up my alley (which includes goodies for Greg). Their footwear reviews are meaningful. The site is fast, easy to navigate, and the product images are clear and fairly accurate. Also, their customer service cannot be beat. Shipping is free, and the return process is extremely uncomplicated.

My next favourite is for similar reasons. They take the best photos of their products on bodies (not mannequins), which is important to me. Their online assortment is a little different to what you see in brick and mortar stores, so I’m always browsing through the site. There is often more size availability online. One thing they have over Zappos is that you can return online purchases to any one of their physical stores without a fuss.

Coming in third is It’s amazing how many of my favourite footwear, handbag and clothing brands I can purchase here. Amazon is not my first choice online shopping destination, but if I’ve seen something elsewhere that I love and the colour and sizes are sold out, I usually check Amazon next., an online footwear store specializing in flat and low heeled footwear, also has my keen online interest because their items are quite unique. I reviewed Scarpasa several months ago and my experience was stellar.

Finally, I like and because they sell Euro brands that I adore but battle to find in the US. I absolutely LOVE how Asos shows their items on models in motion. That way you get a great sense of how the garment drapes and fits. Neither of these stores has the best customer service and shipping costs a pretty penny, but I’m willing to pay the price once in a while just because the product makes my heart sing.

Of course, there are many other good online shopping destinations, but Zappos and Nordstrom set the bar so high that they suffer by comparison. I don’t find the product images on and to be all that clear (although this has improved over time). Zappos also has them beat in ease of navigation, shipping time and smoothness of the return process. Since I am not a  bargain hunter by nature, sites like, and eBay are less enticing to me. I used to like shopping on, but the magic wore off after too many (expensive) items didn’t work when I received them at home. Sites like, and are great eye candy and I generally like their offerings, but 99.99% of the time they don’t have my size in the items that tickle my fancy.

Team Online rules the shopping roost here on YLF, so lets hear it. Which are your favourite online shopping destinations and why? In the US and Canada you can purchase virtually anything online, but for the purposes of this poll, we’ll stick to favourite online shopping destinations for your wardrobe.