A bunch of YLF members (myself included) recently met up in Pasadena, California and had a ball! You’ll hear all about the gathering when the post comes out, but in the meantime here’s a teaser in the form of a little game.

The photo below shows the shoes worn by the forum members who attended the gathering. The members are:

  1. MaryK
  2. Tarzy
  3. Clould9
  4. Desmo April
  5. Rae
  6. Karli
  7. Chewyspaghetti
  8. Me (Angie)

Just for fun, try to match the name of the forum member with the shoe. No prizes, but I’ll be impressed if anyone gets as many as three correct pairings!

Apologies to readers who aren’t active in the forum — you’re definitely at a disadvantage. But feel free to take a few wild guesses too.