You are a 360 degree walking work of art. People see your outfit from all angles, so doesn’t this mean that you should look at it from all angles before leaving the house?

Well, I have to admit that I don’t do this. I check the front and the side, but I don’t have a 3 way mirror or the patience to hold up a handheld mirror to see the rear of my outfit too. I guess I’m just not overly concerned about what it looks like from behind. I trust that I can imagine the rear view based on what I’m seeing in the front and the sides. And before I make a purchase I am careful to check the rear view in the store’s three way mirror.

If I am a little concerned I ask Greg to take a look. Sometimes I take a quick look using the store’s three way mirror when I’m out shopping with clients.

I’m curious. Are you in the habit of checking your outfit from all angles before you go out in public? Do you use the three way¬†mirror in retail stores?