Wide leg trousers are especially popular right now so here’s a crash course on how to wear them with effortless spunk and panache. We bring back our gorgeous Fernanda to showcase the looks because her outfits speak louder than my words! Fernanda has a 40’s element to her style so it’s no wonder that she loves wide leg trousers as much as she loves skinnies.

Of course, there are countless ways to style wide leg pants. These are not rules, but merely guidelines to get you on your way:

  • Hem to the correct length: I like flared trousers absolutely no shorter than half an inch off the ground. I wear my bootcuts even longer to create a longer leg line.
  • Add heels: Although some super tall, long legged gals pull off wide leg trousers with flats, I am on Team Heels for this one. Wide leg trousers scream for extra height in my book. Fernanda is wearing 3 inch heels here, but two inch heels are perfectly fine.

  • Add a belt if there are belt loops: I like to see exposed belt loops filled up with a belt. It finishes off the outfit and adds texture to the trousers. Fernanda’s tweed trousers are sans belt loops, so we left off the belt.
  • Add a waist defining top: It’s best to keep the top waist-defining when wearing voluminous trousers in order to create a structured look. Tucking in tops defines the waist, as does wearing a form fitting un-tucked top. Adding a belt over a boxier top will also do the trick. Fernanda is a button-down-shirt-gal so it’s a no-brainer to match her trousers with tucked-in shirts, which we scrunched at the sleeves for a more relaxed effect.

  • Add a short jacket: Jackets are an optional extra, but they do kick things up a notch. Tailored classic blazers no longer than crotch point work well because they add even more structure. Longer blazers tend to look a little dumpy with wide leg trousers. Cropped leather jackets add edge and denim jackets dress down the look.
  • Create the mood with your handbag: It was important to Fernanda that she understand how to dress an outfit up and down in order to get the most out of her wardrobe. So we spent time creating both casual and dressy outfits with these trousers. The shoes stayed the same, but we swapped out the jackets, jewelry and handbags accordingly. The slouchy hobo style handbags dress down the trousers, while the clutches dress things up. It’s that simple.

Now take the guidelines and create a style that’s all your own. Feel free to ask questions in the comments section below, or share further tips on how you wear wide leg trousers.

We have posted these photos and a couple of the outtakes on our Facebook page.