As long as the hair is healthy and the cut and colour are flattering, I love the look of both straight and curly hair. When I see a head full of gorgeous cascading curls, it’s amazing! When I see fabulously styled stick straight hair, it’s equally amazing! But I’m still not batting for both Teams. I’m going to keep things simple and bat for Team Straight Hair because I wear my own hair straight every single day. Although my hair is a little wavy, I never wear it that way because it doesn’t feel right on me.

Over to you. Are you on Team Curly Hair or Team Straight Hair? Tell us why. Don’t feel limited by your own hairstyle. For example, if you wear your own hair straight, but prefer curly hair on most other people, feel free to join Team Curly Hair. Also, for the purposes of this poll, wavy hair falls into the Curly Hair Team.

And just because Spring is in the air, I’ll let you bat for both Teams if you can’t decide.