I’m ready to toss most of my sock collection and replace them with a new style, which in my book can’t be beat. I am smitten with Nordstrom’s “Stay Up & In Place” knee high compression socks. No more sagging and pulling them back up into place. I can’t tell you how cranky I get when my socks fall down and the fabric bunches under the soles of my feet. These socks stay put, making me so happy I want to shout it from the rooftops.

Although these knee high socks work really well for me (and I bought 6 pairs in black), you might not be a fan. They are quite thin, made of nylon spandex, and come to the knee. I happen to prefer thin-ish socks that are this high and have no trouble with their nylon content.

Unfortunately the full assortment of colours and patterns is not available online, but you’ll get a good sense of what they look like from the style below (the diamond patterned version). They come in four colours, three patterns and three sizes (S, M/L and Plus). They cost $12 for one pair or $30 for three pairs.

It may sound trivial to have found the ideal pair of socks, but when you have fussy feet – it’s a big thing.

Tell us about your favourite sock brands and styles in the comments section below. I’m sure you have great tips to share.