For years I suffered from extremely dry skin on my face and body. But this year I’m doing something right because for the first time since living in a four-season climate, I look and feel adequately moisturized. I’m neither flaky nor itchy, and literally comfortable in my own skin.

I use Impruv to cleanse and moisturize my face after it was recommended by a dermatologist last year. For 25 years I’ve used Nivea body lotion an still do since other body lotions cause skin irritation. I use tea tree oil pure vegetable soap from Trader Joes once a day with my morning shower (I don’t use soap with my evening shower). That’s my cheap as chips moisturizing routine and I couldn’t be happier with the effective results. No more fancy and expensive lotions and potions that don’t work. Brilliant.

What works for my skin might not work for yours because skin types are different. So if you’ll indulge me, please share how you combat dry Winter skin in the hope that we can learn and help each other. Also, in a recent post about things that we didn’t know about your style, some readers mentioned that they hate to wear lotion on their hands, body and face. If this is the case, I’m curious to know how on earth you prevent dry Winter skin!