I am not one to wear short hemlines, but these days I find myself wearing them as short as a couple of inches above the knee just because certain dress or skirt styles, and some outfit combinations look best that way. For example, voluminous dresses are unflattering when they’re too long, and pairing dresses with mid calf boots or booties looks best with a raised hemline.

That being said, I still prefer most of my hemlines on or just above the kneecap. I seldom go above the top of my knee because I think it’s an elegant and sophisticated length for my height, age and body type. There are also certain dress and skirt styles that I prefer to wear a few inches below the knee.

Have you adjusted to three leggy seasons of shorter hemlines? How short do you wear your skirts and dresses? Would you like to see hemlines stay short or are you ready to cover up a bit more leg.