Where you side for this poll depends a lot on how you define the words “classic” and “trendy”. We are probably more or less on the same page with “classic”, since classic style is easily recognizable. The term “trendy” is more controversial and for some people has negative connotations.

I’m going with my simple definition: when you wear one or more of the current trends, you are trendy. It is an entirely positive style attribute in my book.

My personal style is fueled by trends and grounded with the classics. I cannot get excited about my style unless I’m sporting a couple of the biggest trends of the season. But my trendy items are always underpinned with classic and retro pieces in order to keep my look sophisticated, elegant, professional and age appropriate.

For me this is the hardest poll to date! Since I can’t bat for both Teams I’m on the bench sipping tea for this game. Over to you. Are you Team Classic or Team Trendy? Tell us why. Anyone else on the bench? There’s enough tea for all.