I like to layer jackets and cardigans over my short sheath dresses. Sometimes my layered creations are modern classic and at other times more retro and trendy. Every once in a while I like to throw in a more creative and arty combination, just for fun. This outfit is one of the fun ones.

I guess you’ve noticed I’m Team Red. And that’s bright tomato red 99% of the time – one of my very favourite colours. This is a Calvin Klein sleeveless sheath dress I had altered to fit perfectly. I layered over a cascading cardigan that’s virtually the length of the dress in front and scrunched up the sleeves. No waist definition in front but there’s an unexpected party at the back of this outfit. The cardigan’s shorter length, patterned satin inset and waist definition add an edge to the ensemble. This is a Ted Baker cardigan I scored at this year’s Nordstrom Anniversary Sale and I love it to death for many reasons. Most importantly, it doesn’t make me itch!

I finished off the look with some unusual pairings like Greg’s tie and a layered pearl necklace. I threw in sheer polka dot hose, Clarks Turkish Blend grey suede booties and my good old black and cream Michael Kors satchel. For the chillier weather I would add a knee length trench or coat on top of the whole lot.

When I match black with a bright colour I add white or cream with the mix to soften the effect. It gives me another great reason to wear my pearls. I also chose grey booties instead of black to further soften the integrity of the outfit.

This combination is not as clean and crisp as one of my typical ensembles because there is a lot more going on. Different colours, fabrics, textures, lengths and accessories all competing with each other. But to my eye there is enough harmony to make the outfit work, even though it’s an acquired taste. It’s nice to change things up once in a while.