I have never been a fan of suede footwear for my own style because it tends to look overly casual, a little bohemian and above all, it does not wear well. Especially in wet weather, and the reality is that I live in Seattle.

But I’ve surprised myself with the style choices I’ve grown to appreciate this year, from brown tweed and gold, to faded denim and mixing metals. Add a certain type of suede shoe to that list too, because I can’t deny that suede footwear is very soft on the foot. My feet LOVE soft shoes.

I mentioned earlier in the season that the Clarks Indigo Turkish Blend Ankle Boot is extremely comfortable and that I liked this style best in the grey suede. The suede is extra smooth and the style is dressy.

Still, there is the problem of wearing suede in wet weather. So I bought “Water and Stain Protector” from the Clarks Store and sprayed my shoes once. I think it is working. I haven’t been puddle jumping, but I have worn the booties in the Seattle rain and they seem to be holding up.

I’ve been using waterproof spray on my leather footwear for years, but I didn’t know that you could also use it on suede. Is this something that you do? And if so, has it been effective?