I am the hardest person to please when it comes to tees. Most of the time I’m appalled at the inferior quality of the knit before it’s even seen the inside of a washing machine, no matter how high the price point. Often I see $150 designer T-shirts that look like schmutters and I think to myself – how dare they?! And don’t get me started on what T-shirts look like once they’ve been tumble dried. Skrunken, faded and stretched out.

Once in a while I come across a Tee that’s killer in every respect. The Caslon Rib Knit Tee is in this category.

  • The fabric is tops. It’s made of a silky soft cotton ribbing with 4% Lycra. The ribbing has a substantial weight, stretches in all the right places, but recovers extremely well.
  • The style is perfect for layering. The crew neck is neat and versatile. It’s long in length both on the body and on the sleeve. And it’s available in 12 colours from sizes XS to XL.

It might be slightly clingy around the torso, but that doesn’t matter if you’re layering the item. It’s fabulous under jackets, knitwear and certain dresses. It could even look great under a button down shirt or tucked into skirts and shorts. And it’s the perfect backdrop for a scarf. I can’t believe I’m getting excited about a T-shirt!

Warning: Caslon sells lots of Tees (with different necklines and in different silhouettes) that might not be made to the same quality as this one, so make sure you’re purchasing the right style.