This poll needs a little clarification. A knit top is not a  basic T-shirt or item of knitwear (or sweater), but a more styled top made of jersey knit. A blouse is not a button down shirt, but a woven top usually made of cotton-silk blends or rayon-viscose blends. A knit top is made of knitted fabric while a blouse is made of woven fabric.

I am down to one knit top in my wardrobe so I’m on Team Blouse. I wear knitwear, button down shirts, or blouses. I do not wear T-shirts and very occasionally wear my one and only knit top. My style is quite dressy and “buttoned up”, which makes the crispness of a blouse work better than the more casual vibe of a knit top.

Although knit tops are the comfortable choice for most women, surprisingly, I’m more comfortable in a soft blouse. Plus I have a thing for the luster and longevity of woven fabrications and much prefer them to knits. Always have, always will.

Over to you. Are you Team Knit Top or Team Blouse? Tell us why. You’re on the bench for this poll if you never wear separates or live in T-shirts, sweat tops and knitwear. No batting for both teams please!