By blouses I mean woven blousy tops. Blouses are often made of cotton, silk, viscose and rayon blends. Soft, feminine and pretty. I’m not referring to button down shirts or knitted tops, which are also fab, but in a different way.

I often have to stick up for blouses because they’re just not an item people gravitate towards. The laundering component puts people off because they’re not wash-and-wear. Blouses aren’t stretchy like a knit so no “cozy feeling”. They’re often perceived as dressy and overly delicate, which can be a drawback. Finally, they’re not perceived as hip.

Well, I hope to convince you otherwise if you’re not wearing blouses already. Here’s are five reasons that blouses are fab:

  1. Blouses last much longer than knits: Woven fabrics look better for longer. Most knits pill and stretch out of shape whereas woven blouses hold their shape and luster for years.
  2. Blouses create a more pulled together appearance: Even when blouses are casual, they tend to look more polished than knitted tops. Woven blouses are ideal for smart casual, business casual and business formal environments worn either on their own, or under a cardigan or jacket
  3. Blouses are brilliant at concealing muffin top: Woven fabric does not cling like jersey knit. Instead it glides over the contour of a curve and provides great structure.
  4. Blouses add instant textural interest: Blouses are usually made of more interesting fabrications than variations of jersey or stretch woven cotton. This is what gives them their instant appeal when matched with simple bottoms like jeans, slacks or a skirt.
  5. Blouses are extra feminine: It’s as simple as that. Button down shirts have a masculine integrity while knit tops, although they can be feminine too, lack the character that a soft cascading blouse can provide.

I’m down to two knit tops in my wardrobe and don’t plan on adding any more (this is not to be confused with knitwear — I have loads of knitwear). They can be less practical than knitted tops, but I’ve made a style choice to stick to button down shirts and blouses because they suit my lifestyle and make me feel more pulled together. And at the end of the day, it’s all about how you feel in something, right?

Over to you. Do you like to wear blouses? If not, why not? Any chance I’ve caused you to rethink wearing blouses?

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A selection of dressy blouses, both classic and fashion forward. There are countless style of blouses to choose from, so don’t let these particular styles put you off if they don’t suit your fashion persona.