I look at Patagonia’s sporty range of dresses because it usually includes styles that will interest some of my clients. Patagonia dresses are casual, affordable and easy to wash and wear — a win for many busy gals on the go.

I was disappointed with most of the collection this season. Many of the styles were ill-fitting and I was left thinking that Patagonia should stick to doing what they do best, that is, sports and outdoor gear. But then I happened along the “Kamala” dress and it’s a win. Good drape, handle, fit and price. I’ve had it on several body types and so far so good. Machine washable, comfortable and cotton -rich. It runs true to size and is available in both solids and patterns.

It works quite well for a fuller bust too. If you need extra coverage, then layer a Second Base camisole underneath. Great for casual hot days, or as a bathing costume cover-up. Super with leggings if it’s a little short.

Yes it’s a knit, and knits don’t last as long as wovens, but there is a place for knitted items in fashion and this frock is worth a try if you like the style.

Patagonia Women's Kamala Dress