Today’s blog post is written by fabulous Tara, a New York native who currently resides in Los Angeles, California. Tara is a writer by profession, forum member and long time YLF supporter. When this product wearer trial came my way, Tara sprung to mind as the perfect person to give it a whirl.

I really love Second Base!

Okay, let me explain. Second Base is actually a new style of camisole that Angie asked me to try. According to the website, it’s the first camisole made to layer, leaves no bulky lines around the hips and waist, and is silky soft and eco-friendly. That sounds pretty great, right? Angie wanted to know if it could be a good choice for warm weather layering.

As someone with a larger chest, I know a little something about layering. I have a bit more cleavage than I care to display, but I learned a trick right here at YLF that makes any top wearable. I just pop a camisole underneath and I’m good to go! A cami gives me just a little bit of extra coverage, and I wear one almost every day. The problem is, I live in sunny Southern California, and when the temps start to rise, the extra layer of fabric clinging to my body is uncomfortable. In the summer, when it really heats up, wearing a cami can be unbearable. But – I still need the coverage. I’ve often struggled with how to wear my favorite tops in the hot weather and not roast to death.

Second Base Outfit 1Second Base Outfit 2Second Base Close-Up

I think Second Base has solved my problem. It looks like a sports bra, except it’s incredibly light and silky-feeling. It’s offered in black and white, XS to XL, in two different styles. (The website has lots of great pictures.) The “Meredith” has wider straps that are not adjustable, with coverage similar to a tank top. My favorite is the “Sarah,” which has thinner straps that I can adjust for a little extra coverage. But the real beauty of either style is they only cover your bra, so you don’t have extra fabric heating up your body.

I did notice that neither style completely covered the bottom of my bra, but this did not bother me at all because A) no one sees under my shirt, B) there’s enough coverage up top, and C) have I mentioned the part about not roasting to death? In fact, Second Base was so comfortable I totally forgot I had it on. I intended to try it out with a bunch of different tops, but I got distracted and about three hours later I remembered I was still wearing it. Most excellent!

Bring on the summer heat. I can finally keep covered, and still keep cool!

Second Base: FrontSecond Base: Back

Second Base is offering 20% off and free shipping for YLF readers. Just enter “YLF” as the promotion code when you make your purchase.