Boho fashion is earthy, layered, loose, relaxed and natural. Picture the hippie movement of the late 60’s and early 70’s and you will have a great visual of what it’s is all about.

  • Natural fibers and elements like cotton, linen, stone, shells, wood, aged leather and suede
  • Flowing silhouettes like maxi dresses, empire cuts, flared pants, faded cutoff jeans, crocheted toppers, peasant blouses, ankle-length gypsy skirts, shaggy waistcoats and bell-sleeved tops
  • Intricate design details and trims like top stitching, handkerchief hems, bat wings, ditsy florals, beads, macramé, smocking, folksy embroideries, wooden buttons and fringe
  • Rustic fabrics like aged leather, chunky knitwear, patchwork and tie-dye
  • Casual accessories like organic jewelry, slouchy hobo bags, headbands, broad brimmed floppy hats, and hip slung belts
  • Earthy colours, with lots and lots of brown

Items are supposed to look weathered, distressed and matte. Shine is at a minimum. That’s the authentic vibe.

Boho style works well in casual settings. Think faded denim, folksy embroidered T or peasant blouse, flat leather sandals, wooden beads, slouchy brown bag and cute straw hat. Viola. You’re good to run errands, take kids to the park, enjoy a BBQ, have a picnic, or sightsee on a hot Summer’s day.

It’s also fun to add bohemian elements into a modern urban style. Try white or dark jeans with a silky empire cut bat-winged top, heeled silver wedges, pearls and patent handbag. I have one bohemian top and that’s the way I like to interpret the boho chic trend.

My personal style is about as un-boho as it gets, but I admire those who embrace the look with sass and spirit. I have clients and friends who look killer in bohemian fashion because it suits their lifestyle, aesthetic preferences and who they are. Totally fab.

ECI Smocked Chiffon BlouseiconMatty M Embroidered Square Neck BlouseiconSky River Gumby L/S Top Lola Sweater VestVagabond Vest The Sak 'Eco Harmony' Organic Drawstring BagSONOMA life+style® Gold-Tone Beaded Leopard Multistrand NecklaceSONOMA life+style® Gold-Tone Beaded Multistrand NecklaceTory Satchel

Bohemian fashion trends strongly some seasons and less so in others, but you’ll always find the look in US stores like Anthropologie, Lucky, Fossil and Free People. As you can see from the pictures, there seems to be a fair amount of boho fashion in stores at the moment, which makes me think that it might be big next year. New merchandise that comes in at the tail end of a retail season is usually an indication of next year’s trends. Time will tell.