Style books and fashion experts often suggest avoiding scarves when you have a shorter neck. Well guess what! I believe that all neck lengths look great in scarves. The secret lies in HOW the scarf is tied and knotted.

To elongate the neckline, make sure that there is space between the knot of the scarf and the base of the neck. So pull down the scarf knot (or the section that’s usually right up against the neck) so that its repositioned further down the front of the chest. In other words, tie the scarf a lot more loosely around the neck.

The pictures above illustrate my point quite well. The knots or “wrap around” part of the scarves are not tight. This technique works particularly well with infinity scarves (like the red on the right) because that style ties loosely by default. Feel free to use all sorts of scarf tying techniques like the Angie Knot or Euro Knot and re-position the knot further down the front of the body.

Lasses with regular or long necks can also tie their scarves this way, since loose scarf  knotting techniques tend to be quite flop proof. Of course, throw this neck lengthening strategy out the window when it’s freezing because you have to tie your scarf in tight circles around the neck for warmth and insulation. But you can re-tie the scarf loosely when you peel off the layers indoors.