During the transition between seasons I see a lot of outfits that, for want of better terminology, I will call “top heavy” and “bottom heavy”.

  • Top heavy outfits: Wearing heavy coats and trenches on the top with hot weather sandals or flip flops on the bottom. Sometimes I see scarves, hats and gloves thrown into this mix too.
  • Bottom heavy outfits: Pairing lightweight summery items on top with cold weather boots on the bottom. For example, summery dresses or short shorts with boots, or a skirt and sleeveless top with boots.

Both categories seem to reflect seasonal confusion. For top heavy outfits, if it’s cold enough to wear a coat or trench – how can you pair the look with hot weather sandals? For bottom heavy outfits, if it’s warm enough to wear a breezy dress, sleeveless top or shorts – how does it make sense to wear cold weather boots?

Well, here’s the thing. I totally get and sport bottom heavy outfits. I am completely comfortable wearing a sleeveless dress with boots. I’ll also wear a sleeveless blouse with jeans and cowboy boots. These outfits look “right” to me. But somehow top heavy outfits don’t make sense and look seasonally confused to my eye.

I don’t have a good explanation for my double standard. I should be able to appreciate the look of top heavy outfits if I adore the look of bottom heavy outfits. Perhaps it’s my cold feet, and being a sucker for wearing closed shoes with socks makes me gravitate towards the look that allows me to do that.

What’s your take on top heavy and bottom heavy outfits? Can you appreciate both looks?  Does one make more sense than the other? Or do they both look seasonally confused to your eye?