I’ve been getting a little desperate with necklines recently, preferring them high rather than V or scooped. I love a cowl neckline, but they too can scoop a bit low at times. I find myself turning dresses and tops with low necklines back to front, repeating to myself: “I wish the neckline looked like this instead”.

Then it dawned on me. Try wearing the item back to front. I did exactly that and in some cases it worked like a charm! For example, the cowl on the Gap tops below hung much lower on me than it did on the models. So I turned them around and voila! To my amazement they looked great. The overall fit was acceptable too, probably because it was a knit top and not a woven blouse. The low front did become a low neckline at the back, but I quite like a lowish back so it didn’t bother me.

Now I’m curious, have you ever considered wearing anything back to front? If so, has it worked? I’m a tad late with this discovery but I’m certainly going to try it again in future.