I had a hard time choosing a Team because I wear both cropped and tunic cardigans with the same frequency. As much as I adore all of the new look tunic cardigans, like boyfriend, cascading and fly away styles, I prefer layering at least half of my dresses with classic cropped cardigans.

That said, I’ve decided to side with Team Tunic Cardigan because they’ve been a revelation for my clients, and because they are kind of cozier to wear. Also, they look great with leans tucked into boots and its almost time to wear that look again.

Over to you. Are you Team Cropped or Team Tunic Cardigan. A friend of mine can’t get her head around cardigans because they make her feel like old Aunt Mildred no matter which style she sports. That’s okay!  I’d prefer you to pick a side but you’re allowed to sit on the bench if you don’t wear cardigans at all. Remember, no batting for both Teams.