I wore a school uniform for 12 years, so back to school shopping meant getting another uniform if you had outgrown or outworn the one in your closet. But back to school time also meant having your hair done. So when I was in high school in the 80’s, loads of girls had their hair re-permed and peroxided just before school started. I wasn’t one of those gals, but I did get a fresh new crop a week before my peers and crushes would lay eyes on me again. I think I was never quite as vain as I was during my school days – uniform and all.

These days I run into Mums taking kids on shopping sprees during the back to school season and it’s fun to watch. Mums saying one thing and kids saying another. Kids desperately negotiating for an item and Mum saying they can have it if it comes out of their allowance. And that’s usually followed by a “But, Mooooooooommmmmm……”

I’ve asked this question before, but the topic intrigues me so I hope you’ll indulge me again. What did back to school shopping mean for your style? New clothes and shoes? A bonding opportunity with your parents? A different look? And as a parent, what does back to school shopping mean for your kids? Do you take them shopping? If so, where? And what do they want to wear?