I know, I know. In the northern hemisphere temperatures are soaring and the last thing you want to wrap your head around is Autumn merchandise. But that’s the way the crazy retail cycle works. So without further ado here are the trends for the next six months of fashion. Some of it is already in stores:

  1. Boots, boots, boots and more boots: From flat heels to towering sky scrapers, skinny stilettos to the chunkiest of wedges, ankle booties to over the knee lengths, super feminine styles to tough masculine looks, casual to dressy, black to cream, and everything in between. Start getting your collection up to scratch because your cold weather wardrobe will be incomplete without a great pair of boots and booties.
  2. Pants, jeans and leggings: This is not much of a skirt or dress season because it’s all about pants, jeans and leggings. That’s okay. Last season’s skirts and frocks will do just fine and I’ll continue wearing them and hope you will too.
  3. Longer and roomer skirts: I’ll believe that when I see it.
  4. Masculine shoes: Like flat oxfords and rugged boots to tone down feminine pieces. Love that.
  5. Leather or pleather jackets: A must have in my book. And it’s not only about cropped biker styles but rather any type of leather of pleather cover-up that tickles your fancy. Edgy, retro, classic or avant-garde so take your pick.
  6. Drapey long sleeved blouses: Love this silhouette tucked into skirts or worn loosely over sleek bottoms.
  7. Floppy drapey tunic shirts: Just as fab as drapey blouses. Have many and wear them frequently.
  8. Military influences: My all time favourite jacket and shirt look. Think rolled tab sleeves, double breasted buttoning, cargo pockets, strict tailoring and camouflage.
  9. Strong extended shoulders: Both on jackets, dresses and blouses. Another trend I adore and have been sporting for a year.
  10. Tuxedo jackets: I just bought a cropped tuxedo jacket and I’m going to wear it with just about everything.
  11. Green: Strong military influences make olive green a no brainer. But there’s also chartreuse, forest green and teal.
  12. Blue: In all its hues from the lightest of baby blue, to the richest of cobalt and the deepest of navy.
  13. Red and purple combinations: This is how I like purple best. Rock on, red and purple.
  14. Lace leggings, gloves and handbags: Expect to see lace trim on everything, not just dresses, tops or skirts.
  15. Fur: Both real and faux.
  16. Tweed Chanel-esque jackets: Fabulous. The Nordstrom Anniversary Sale was full of them and that’s just the start.
  17. Sequins: Daytime sequined tops and skirts show up every season, but I see few people actually wearing the look outside evening occasions.
  18. Feathers: Expect to see bags, shoes, hats, dresses and skirts with feather trim. How do you wash an item with feather trim? I guess you don’t.
  19. Moto jeans: A fringe trend for the more daring among us.
  20. Capes: Cute when they are cropped but I will pass on huge overwhelming styles. You need to be tall to pull off a long, voluminous and dramatic cape.
  21. Muted tonal coloured tights: This is still not my thing but can appreciate the look on others. I’m sticking to black and grey hosiery and letting my boots and scarves do the talking .
  22. Structured handbags: Retro and very lady-like. Move over slouchy styles.
  23. Silver mixed with gold: I am a recent convert and enjoying the versatility. Can’t believe it took me 20 years to feel comfortable mixing metals.
  24. Waist-bags: As a bag lady I feel compelled to find the perfect one.
  25. Pearls: YES! The best trend of them all. Not just plain classic strands but as a standalone bead mixed into all sorts of new combinations on rings, earrings, bracelets and necklaces. Clusters and layered pearl necklaces are big too.

Pick out the trends that tickle your fancy and add your personal style stamp to the look. Remember that fashion unites us but style sets us apart. So make these trends your own. I sound like a broken record but at the end of the day it’s HOW you wear something that makes the difference.

I blossom in Autumn rather than Spring, so I’m always excited about Autumn trends. How does the list grab you?