If you loathe skinny jeans and anything biker inspired, look away now.

Moto jeans were a fringe trend at the start of Spring and there are more on the way for Autumn and Winter. It’s the reinforced lower thigh/knee detailing and topstitching that makes them “moto” jeans. Some styles are more heavily reinforced and topstitched than others.

I’m on the fence. I don’t dislike the trend but don’t love it either. Moto jeans can look great when pulled together with the right soft feminine pieces, thereby creating an interesting contrast against the severity of the moto detailing. But combine these with rugged biker boots and a tough biker jacket and it’s not so fab. That’s too much biker inspiration going on in one outfit when you’re not a real life motorcycle rider.

Moto jeans are also quite a hard style to wear in a flattering way. I for one do not want to draw snug horizontal attention to my thighs with reinforced topstitch detailing. So I’m sticking to basic, streamlining skinny jeans. I guess I am drawing horizontal attention to my thighs wearing jodhpur jeans, but because they aren’t tight around the thigh I’m fine with sporting that look.

I hope moto jeans stay fringe because I don’t see them as a great mainstream denim silhouette. As always there will be those who pull off the look with effortless perfection, and in the name of fashion that’s fun to watch too.

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