Chanel-esque jackets are an acquired taste. You’ll either appreciate their versatility because they can be worn in both classic and spunky ways, dressed up or down. Or, you’ll think they look mature and dowdy no matter what. I fall into the former camp and vote Yay with a capital Y.

I like the little darlings worn in many different ways. From spunky and edgy combinations with jeans, studs, zips and biker boots, right up to the most classic of ensembles with a pencil skirt. I have a strong shouldered, classic Chanel-esque jacket that I like to pair with edgy bottoms like jodhpur jeans, zippered skinnies and biker booties. I’m sure that as I get older I’ll appreciate the classic pencil skirt combination more and more.

Gals in their 20’s can rock a Chanel-esque tweed jacket and so can ladies in their 70’s and 80s. This item has become one of fashion’s true classics, which is why Karl Lagerfeld pumps out several variations on the theme for Chanel each season. The important question is… would you wear one?

Embellished Zip-Front Tweed Jacket
Chunky Patch Pocket Jacket
Fringe-Trim Jacket
Embellished Button-Front Tweed Jacket
Angie's  Cropped Chanel-esque Jacket

Authentic Chanel jackets cost thousands of dollars, which is a lot to pay for an item of clothing. But every season there are plenty Chanel-inspired jackets that deliver the vibe without breaking the bank. The two new Autumn jackets from Express pictured above are a great starting point (don’t be put off by chain-hardwear because that comes right off). I also saw several gorgeous tweed, Chanel-esque jackets at the Nordstrom Anniversary Sale when I preselected yesterday. If you like what you see above, be sure to take a look.